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Vanderbilt University, Owen Graduate School of Management
Shih-Ping (Nancy) Wang, MBA ?05 It is rare that one has the opportunity to influence more than 20 percent of the human population. If that seems farfetched, consider that prior to Shih-Ping (Nancy) Wang?s efforts, Vanderbilt did not have an effective translation in Mandarin, which is spoken by a billion people worldwide. After enrolling in the Vanderbilt MBA program, Nancy alerted university administrators that at least a dozen versions of the Vanderbilt name were in use across China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Nancy, with the administration?s blessing, spearheaded the effort to standar MORE DETAILS

♦ Average GMAT Score: 672

♦ % Female Students: 25

♦ % International Student Ratio: 20

♦ Average Salary: 86000

♦ Average Years Work: 5

♦ Accredited by: AACSB

♦ Average Programme Duration: 21

♦ School-sponsored Scholarship / Financial Aid ?: Yes

♦ Application Fee: USD125

♦ Minimum GMAT Score required?: Yes

♦ Average Total Tuition Fees: 83584

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